Do Multivitamins Aid in Your Training?

One of the most debated things that I run into, when checking out the big workout forums has to do with multivitamins. When it comes time to figure out what products you will need to take with you to the gym, some of them have to be ruled out. Sadly, something that gives you more vitamins will often be the first to go. Why are people skimping on multivitamins? It seems like enough people are just not aware of what all an Animal Pak can really do for you.aniamalapak

I want to highlight some very good reasons why you might want to rethink not getting enough vitamins. Beyond just keeping you from catching any of the nasty stuff floating around, you can really sabotage your own advancements being made in the gym by passing on a multivitamin. Some will say that you need to pick something, when it comes to a vitamin supplement, that is specially made for bodybuilders. I think that as long as you are using one, it won’t matter too much if it is specified to be for weightlifters or not. If you are someone who is using a steroid, having more vitamins in your diet is always a no-brainer. Just think of taking a vitamin as a way to help ensure that any other supplement that you are taking will not be as harsh as it would have been if you weren’t getting the vitamins that you need.

I am sure that no one actually likes being sick, I know that I don’t. One of the easiest to ensure that you aren’t feeling under the weather is to get enough vitamins! At first, I thought that this would be some kind of lie just made to sell more multivitamins, but it is not. Even though I may not use them everyday, during the times that I used a multivitamin I never got sick. I don’t mean that I only got sick once or twice, I was never sick. The kicker to all of this is, I normally will end up bring under the weather about four to five times every year. One thing I have to go through is catching something around Thanksgiving. I used Animal Pak during this time last year, and wouldn’t you know it, I never got sick. My family was amazed to see me in such great condition when it came time to cut the turkey, as they are used to see me sneezing and sniffling.

To put it in a nice way, we live to work out, which means that we will need different vitamins and minerals than the average person. If you aren’t getting these important nutrients from a multivitamin, there is a good chance that you are not getting them at all! Yes, your body might end up getting too much of one type of vitamin but, on the flipside, you will be getting ten times what you do need! When you do any kind of aerobic activity, you are actually breaking your muscles down. The rebuilding and repairing of your muscle tissue is where growth occurs. When your muscles have just finished an intense workout, they are in need of the right materials to rebuild them. If you are taking a multivitamin, congratulations, this is like having every building block that you need. On the other side, if you think that a vitamin is a waste when it comes to what makes up your supplement regimen, it is like building a house with only a handful of materials. Would you rather feed your muscles with what they are needing or chowing down on something unhealthy and wondering why you aren’t getting any bigger?


Evander Holyfield’s Troubled Championship Reign

Recently, I watched an amazing documentary on Netflix called Chasing Tyson. In this film, it chronicles the situations that kept preventing Evander Holyfield from being able to have a boxing match with Mike Tyson. Why I wanted to mention this documentary was that the subject of steroids did come up, and I learned an interesting take on something that I had not thought of before. When this topic comes into play is through old footage of Holyfield being interviewed on the Today Show. To preface why this came up at all had something to do with news that Holyfield had received at the time.

It seemed that for Evander, his hopes of achieving another world championship might soon come to an end, due to some medical concerns. These concerns turned out to be located in his heart, more specifically on of his valves were damaged. Luckily, Holyfield had recovered from this and was able to continue to fight, but this was swept under the rug without any scrutiny. When people heard of Holyfield’s heart issues, some people were immediately ready to jump on steroids as being a cause for the damage that had been done. That was not the only cause for concern that people had about what Holyfield had used or hadn’t before. Some were also quick to point out that Holyfield, at this time a heavyweight, had originally started out as a much-smaller cruiserweight.

It is common for some boxers to want to change the weight class that they are in. For one, the boxer might find out that he can fight better at a lower or higher weight class. Looking for anything that they could get on the former champ, Holyfield was grilled pretty hard. This is where the interview comes back in and Holyfield is asked a point blank question about if he had used steroids, in his past. The interviewer cited both his recent health problems and his rise in weight class, as a semi-thin case against Holyfield. Like a professional, the boxer brushed off the question and was adamant that he had never done any kind of steroids. Quickly, the whole line of questioning was backed off from, and we were taken to another scene.

I also want to note, that this was a bad time for professional sports, in terms of coming under fire for steroids being found in any of the systems of the athletes, in their respective sports. I think that nowadays, it would probably come off as very strange for a random athlete to be grilled the way that Holyfield was, unless there was some actual proof that could make a stronger case. If you have the ability to, I highly recommend that you check out this documentary. A must for any sports fan, especially the sport of boxing, this one clocks in at about an hour and a half. Also, interesting to see how this documentary paints such vivid pictures of just how mainstream it was that some athletes used steroids. One main reason that I could never make the connection between Holyfield and the dirt throwing that happened with him, was just how humble and genuine he was throughout his career. If I were to get some list together of athletes that I ever thought should probably get tested to see what they were on, Holyfield would have, most likely, never have been placed on that list.


Awards for Best and Worst Non-Steroids of the Year

As we have entered 2016, I thought that I would go ahead and put something together for you all. I know that it seems the sports supplement industry in changing day to day, so here is some up to date information. I remember always going to see the products that someone recommended only to see that they were discontinued, nothing more frustrating than that! The best were the ones that were head and shoulders above the rest. For something to really be picked among the best, it had to work and it had to be something that was trustworthy. I wanted to make sure that no pick here was starting their first year to be accepted to even be in contention. This might seem unfair to some of you, but I just couldn’t take the risks. There have been way too many fly by night products that start out on some hype train only to be derailed by some bad news within months. One big advantage of taking a more cautious approach to what helps you train better is that there are no worries about any kind of outrageous prices. However, I still did make choices that I felt were fair in price, concerning what you get.

Since I am not able to have the kind of testing facilities in house that the real testers do, I don’t want to pick something for the best that is new, only to not have enough information about long-term use and make a bad pick. I value each and every one of you so much, that to make a bad call and put you all in any kind of risk for jeopardy is not something I can do.


For the best, I would have to say that D-Anaoxn would be my top pick, overall. If you aren’t looking to buy a whole bunch of stuff and want to start small, this is the way to go. This product is one of the easiest ways to pack on some extra muscle instead of the way you do it right now. I also really liked something called HGH-X2, great if you are someone who tosses and turns at night. Beyond that, the HGH-X2 was awesome for adding on some pounds without having to walk around with a full stomach all day, gross! If you want another opinion on this matter, I feel that Heavy Athletics’ best legal steroids picks were mostly spot on.

Note: Please do not go into the world of legally using steroid-like products without knowing the basics. You need to know what you will expect, in terms of the changes that will be taking place. The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science has a great page to cover a wide range of questions you might have, right here.

For the worst, I had to pick the Star Testosterone Booster. This one is commonly available at a certain bigger store and for me it didn’t work at all. For me, it felt like it could have been anything in there, because it really didn’t feel like it did anything. For something that is supposed to give you all of these crazy results and add a certain amount of muscle, it sure fell real flat, real fast. I would avoid this one, at all costs, should you be tempted to get it. The price is very inexpensive but with this one, you kind of pay for what you get. One last note, if you see anything that wants you to fill out your info before even seeing the price, run! Things like these are really bad and can sneak charges onto whatever you checkout with, stay away from those!


A Brief Flashback to My First Safer Alternative

I wanted to go back in time a bit with this post and speak about how I first started using supplements. I figured that this would help to give you a bit of a better background on me. I have always thought that the more you know about someone, the more that you can trust them. I want to first say that my initial decision to make the jump to using something to give me more strength, I was more than a little bit apprehensive about it. I mean, I am someone whose mind will immediately go to all of the bad possibilities that can happen. My family has given me constant ridicule for this throughout the years, but I can’t help it, it is just the way that I have always been. Getting back on track, I remember that my fingers were actually shaking as I ordered my first legal steroidal. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this, after weeks of talking myself into just trying it out one time and seeing what happens. After getting my tracking information, I waited not so patiently. That is something else about me that you will continue to learn as you keep visiting this website, I am not someone who is of the patience is a virtue belief. I wish that I was able to be more patient but this is something that I have always struggled with. Anyways, when the box finally arrived, I felt a rush of excitement go through me.
As I went to take the products out of the box, I knew that I was really going to be taking the right steps to growing my muscles. I would be lying if I said that through all of this worry, a little bit of excitement didn’t all of the sudden surge through me. One tip that I would say is to be sure that you are eating relatively clean. You don’t have to suddenly change your diet all the way, but try to lay off of strictly junk food when using anything like this. I remember the first time that I was actually getting ready to workout after taking these things, I was wondering just what I had gotten myself into. I was feeling kind of duped at first because I didn’t really think that anything had changed. However, as the days turned into weeks, this is where things really started to get interesting. Gradually, I was really starting to get bigger than I had been in the past. What made this even cooler was just how fast it was happening! It really took me back quite a bit when I started having trouble getting my jeans on. I was able to squat so much more than I had before that my thigh muscles were getting so big I had to actually wear sweatpants for a time.
Overall, my first experience with these products was one of the wildest things that I have ever lived to see. I don’t know if this would be something that you will go through your first time with stronger supplements, but this was definitely mine. Be sure to check out our recent posts, where we have a ton of additional information from both sides of this issue. From stacks to single supplements, there are so many different ways that you can get started getting the body that you want in a much safer and easier way.


Which Steroid Will Help You Meet Your Goals

For most of us, we all have certain goals in mind when it comes time to get fit. For me, I was all about gaining pure finding the right onesize. I didn’t want to be someone that was obese, of course, so I knew that I had to be able to lift heavy to pack on size to my frame. For others, however, it isn’t always that simple. For some, the ability to completely change ones body will lead to everyone having different goals. Some people will be more specific than others, and they may have certain numbers that they want to hit. I knew that my plans for my physique were a little simple than most. However, I still had to be sure that when it came time to get my supplements, that I would be picking the right ones. When you look closer at what you are going to get, it might just be one less hassle that you have to worry about. The first goal that most are going to want to concentrate on would be getting bigger. That is the main thing that is going to be happening to you anyway, once you start lifting weights.

For this, I would recommend that you look into something that replicates Dianabol. This steroid, which is now very not good to have, was primarily used for years strictly as an easier way to get bigger. If you are someone who is worried about gaining extra fat or water weight, you might want to skip this one. While we are on that subject, the next primary goal that others will have is to lose weight. I am someone who was skinny and in desperate need of more weight but there are others to where the opposite of this will hold true.  If you are wanting to lose the weight and aren’t as concerned with gaining pure mass, I would recommend that you go with something like Anavar. This product was probably the most popular for people who were wanting to drop the fat fast. I think what had helped to make Anavar more popular than all of the others was that there was no need to use any needles, since it was a pill versus anything more dangerous.

Lastly, there are going to be those of us, especially the more athletic ones who will need something strictly for endurance. If you are involved in any kind of activity or training that involves sports, you will know how important the need to stay at the top of your endurance will be. I don’t condone any kind of cheating in sports and this information is meant only for those who exercise by playing sports. I would not recommend using anything if you are doing any of this competitively, as I have no idea what will show up on a test these days, as I don’t take any of them. Anyways, if you want to up your endurance, I would recommend looking for something that can do what Deca-Durbolin can. If you find a good replication of this stuff, expect to watch your endurance skyrocket within a couple of weeks. Now, for some of you, you might want to have a combination of these different goals and that is where stacking would start to come into play. When you decide to stack, keep an eye out for what is recommended to be stacked together, this way you will avoid any of the risks that can come with too much of a certain ingredient over another one.


New Steroid Documentary Garnering Some Controversy

As the Super Bowl nears its arrival, a new documentary about steroids and other performance enhancers will be airing pretty soon.  This documentary has already gained quite a bit of talk around the sports community, and it isn’t all good. Namely, the people who are being accused of using these kinds of supplements are denying all claims made by the documentary producers. This documentary is set to air Sunday, despite the press that it has received. Among others, I have been hearing that it will focus on Peyton Manning. Now, I am certainly not the most avid football fan in the world. I am usually watching MMA or another sport like that one. I have no idea how sound the claims are that are being made against Mr. Manning but the people associated with the documentary are certainly getting a big backlash from Peyton and his colleagues. It has been said that this film will not just be focused on Manning, but other people in the NFL as well.

One thing is for sure, this film is certainly getting a lot of press because of all these claims. It kind of brings to mind, the old saying about bad press is still press. I will probably not watch it right away, but I plan to check it out as soon as I can. I am not saying that I think these claims made in this film will be one hundred percent, but I will still check it out. What can I say? As for how valid anything in this documentary will be, I have no idea. I am not claiming that I think any of the claims are true or false, I honestly have no idea. However, I did want to make a post about this so that you all would know about this. As I said before, the backlash by football players and coaches has started to gain as much attention as this documentary itself! It will be interesting to see what the word is around the web and on social media after this documentary airs. While others have slammed it and put it down, there are certain other people out there who are eagerly awaiting the film.

No matter which side of the fence that you are on, it is interesting that something like this is being made. I am curious as to how much will really be presented for us to see. There are some documentaries where you feel like you are learning all kinds of stuff and some that are mostly fluff. I can see this documentary as something that will definitely have the attention and interest of many people. We might see others come forward and even more documentaries being made on this subject. We will have to wait and see just how good this film will be. It is said that it will have actual footage of people getting steroids, among other performance enhancers. With all of the recent news about concussions and the changes that are being made in the sports game that we watch, it really looks like the sports world is doing their best to help protect the future careers of their athletes. At this time when certain sports are trying to clean up their image, a documentary like this getting ready to release has the potential to be very damaging, however, we will not know until this one is released to the public.


I Found A Great Read Concerning Steroids in Britain

As you might know, currently there is somewhat of an epidemic of steroid use going on in Great Britain. You see, actual steroids are still legal, to an extent, in that country. Unlike the United States, where these products have been banned from recreational use. Having these products so widely available over there, you can see where pandemonium could occur. Their steroid use throughout the country has been increasing lately and we are hearing more and more about it as time goes on.

england fixing this

I honestly think that one of the biggest barriers to entry for steroid use in American concerns with no one wanting to take any kind of risks and get into trouble. Well, over in Britain, you don’t have quite the same risks with the law side of things. So, essentially, you have people that are going to the gym and using these substances, all while being within the realms of the law. Beyond that, they are going to be people seeing those big guys lift weights with ease. Word will spread quickly around that place and it becomes no wonder to see why steroid usage has skyrocketed within Great Britain.

Something that tI think could be a great solution for this would be for, and I know that this is something that would be hard to have happen, but that the people who are telling other people how to get these products should be teaching them. I think that if these people were to tell the new users the information that they would need to know, this could be a great thing. Beyond that, I think that we would be seeing less and less instances of people ending up in a hospital bed because of it. I strongly believe that most of the bad stories that we hear when steroid use goes wrong can be attributed to user error. I know that steroid use can catch up with anyone over time, but some of the stuff going on is just so wild.

speaking on the subject of taking risks, I would also think that it would be a great idea for the people who are about to use these products to be informed about the potential side effects. I can not imagine people who do not study up on what they are taking, seeing side effects later on, and sitting there wondering what is going on. This would have to be one of the worst feeling in the world. I think that, as more and more things are heard about what is going on over in Britain, that we will begin to see some changes starting to be made. Obviously, no country wants this sort of thing to happen within their walls but this is something that is happening. I hope that steps will be taken in order to still let people choose to live how they want to but while also adding security measures and some rules in place.

The full story on this is over at the website of Vice, I am sure that you all know how to get there. I highly recommend that you check it out as it really is a great read, love those people. I had known a bit before about steroid usage and Great Britain, I had always just thought it was seen as normal and controlled. I never knew what it was doing to the country, as a whole. I had assumed that it was probably a small thing and had no idea the extent of how things were kind of starting to spiral out of control.


Professional Bodybuilder Dies After Alarming Diet Choices

This story behind this is sort of a one two punch. Dean Wharmby sadly passed away recently after his liver suffered years and years of damage caused by steroid abuse. It is unclear as to how much he was using or for how long. The one thing that is true is that his liver was in terrible shape from using the supplements that he did. If you look for his recent pictures, you can really have it hit home for you just what can happen to someones body if they use the wrong things to get ahead. There are so many dangers of using certain supplements to get ahead of the pack. What makes matter worse is when these same supplements are being used over years and years of time without being cycled off.

Even more shocking, is when you look back at the pictures of Mr. Wharmby and his height of bodybuilding. You can really see just how dedicated he was to his sport and perfecting his body. Beyond that, even in his face, you could see just how dedicated this man was. After all, using steroids alone will never get you to have the body that you want without putting an insane amount of work into it. It really go to raise the question of, if Dean had never used steroids, how far he would have gotten. Although he might not have been as big as he was in those older photos, he certainly would not have ended up the sad way that he did, such a shame.

However, as we look closer into everything that was going on with this mans life, we see he also had a pretty bad diet in place.  It was brought to everyone’s attention that this man also consumed about eight cans of various energy drinks per day. This alone is really alarming to me, I love energy drinks and I can’t imagine having more than one throughout the day. Even my one can a day would most likely draw the ire of the health fanatics out there. I get that they are not going to be the best thing for my body but I still enjoy using them. However, I can honestly not even imagine how bad I would feel if I were to drink eight of them a day, wow.

According to what I have read, he also consumed large amounts of snack foods to bulk up. There are much safer ways to have the appearance of being bulked up than eating junk food. Amazingly, Wharmby was able to attain that dream physique by eating this kind of food but we must also remember that he was being aided by steroid usage. With this story, we are seeing just how much some are willing to pay in order to get what they want. I, for one, do not think that Wharmby thought that anything bad would happen to him, and it is heartbreaking that it did. To see a relationship get rocked by this happening is something that no couple should ever have to go through.  However, this news should raise awareness to the dangers and risks that you take when you are using actual steroids.


Study Debunks that Chicken Contains Steroids

No, the chicken that you are getting at the store is not loaded with steroids, like some people think. I had not heard of this before, however, after looking into doing some research on it, I found out some pretty interesting information. I had not really thought about this issue, until recently when a family member of mine was mentioning this. They had said that the chicken that we buy is probably loaded with all kinds of bad stuff. It seems like it could be true, I had thought. I really didn’t even give this a second thought until I went to the supermarket a couple of days later and sure enough the thought hit me again. I figured that I was going to go ahead and look into this issue for myself! With that in mind, I decided to do some research of my own. I actually found that there were studies done on this and the results were kind of shocking. It turns out that the claim my family member had made is false! So, no worries to everyone out there, there is no steroids or anything like them in the poultry that you buy.

strong poultry

Apparently this thought was more widespread than I had previously thought as it showed that a whole bunch of other people thought this. I had never given thought to this issue, as I had previously mentioned. If I were to have been able to guess what I thought before finding out, I would have said that I wouldn’t think there was anything like that in the chicken I buy. To me, it would be kind of shocking that this could happen. Secondly, I would think that if this would have been true, it would have definitely been something that was talked about more often. The steroid industry has all kinds of myths and tall tales attached to it, so I guess this thought doesn’t surprise me. One thing that I would think that people might look into is the fact that all actual steroids are banned from use in the United States. Since this is true, how could food companies be able to get them, let alone to put them in our food? I guess being a fitness nerd has its own set of benefits to it, as I am sure that not many people outside of the fitness world would know this.

Sure enough, as I begin to find out more and more about this, there was something else that I stumbled into. It turns out that this practice has not happened since around the 1950s! So, while it may have happened many years ago, it certainly is not something that is going on right now. Continue to buy your chicken as your normally would without any fears or concerns. That being said, there could always be the event that something could happen to the poultry you buy. However, that will always be covered on the news. The people that make our food want us to be healthy, so don’t be so paranoid about what you choose to get at the supermarket. We all know that there are going to be various rumors spread around, that goes without saying. I just wanted to be here to let you know that this is one that has no truth behind it.


Why Are the Names of My Favorite Supplements Changing?

One thing that I have been noticing recently is that a lot of my legal steroid supplements that I use I have been changing names so frequently. At first, I thought this was some sort of tactic to raise product awareness. It is only recently that I had begin to learn why this happens. The supplements are ones that constantly are under all kinds of scrutiny because they simply have the word steroid somewhere on the label. The supplement names are a bit different but very similar because they cannot actually name themselves the actual steroid.

The name of the steroid is not something that a company made but something that is the actual name of the steroid itself. Since these products are not actual steroids, this is why they don’t share the name or have a name placed under that supplement for any reason at all. I can understand why supplement would not want to share the same name as a steroid because that could get them in big trouble. What I don’t understand is why these steroid alternatives keep changing names from one wacky title to another. It would make it so much easier if the supplements can just stay the same name and that way I would always know what I’m getting. I’m even having times recently, where I can’t even remember what the name of the supplement was! Even worse, if I do, I won’t be able to find that supplement because it’s name has been changed again and again and again.

The only thing that I can imagine is that, the supplements are, or become, under fire for one reason or another. We know that the supplement industry right now is a little bit crazy so these recent changes really do not come as a surprise to me. It is an unfortunate fact of the time we live in, but I guess this is something that will continue to happen. For one, I am kind of glad that these changes happen if that means that this is the only way I will be allowed to use the supplement. I have heard all kinds of wacky reasons as to why the name changes depending on the company.

For me, I really don’t buy into it and I think it’s probably the same supplement just with a different name. However, I am certainly not an authority on the issue so be sure to take my opinion with the grain or two of salt. At first, I thought it was a pretty smart idea for the companies to name the supplements is closest possible to the actual steroid without calling them the steroid. However, now as more more changes occur, I am wondering if it was the smart idea that I thought it was initially. It has got to be annoying for these companies to keep changing the name and labels of their products, it can also be pretty costly as customers may jump from something else to something else trying to find the supplement that had its name changed. It is quite a crazy world we live in, and the supplement industry is no exception. Just be sure to keep an eye out if you can’t find a certain legal steroid out there because it’s very possible that the name may have been changed, only slightly. As weightlifters and sports nutrition enthusiasts, we must all continue to keep scratching our heads at these name changes that now occur so frequently.

Here is an awesome info-graphic I found, all credit going to NSF International, great stuff guys!

awesome infogrpahic