Why Incorrect Form and Your Triceps Are a Bad Mix

Forming the quickest healer of the arm, the tricep is the king to looking massive. With such an increased emphasis on providing the sustenance that is needed for triceps, doing too much is an accident that many are making daily. Thinking that you are stronger than what your muscles can actually do is an attitude you should not have. One of the more prominent weightlifting moves would be the tricep dumbbell extension. Few take the time away from glossing over how-to’s for this exercise and bend their arms at the proper angle, turning them diagonally.

The wrong way to do an extension, such as this one, would be to keep your elbows out to your sides or parallel to your head. Although you won’t notice immediately, sustained damage to the tendons of the tricep can start to take place. I had flashbacks of reading about how, if a separate muscle area is in pain, not the one you are trying to make stronger, you’re probably using bad form. The French press is another tricep movement that, if performed incorrectly, it will become apparent fast. I used to have constant pain in my shoulders and upper back while doing these French presses. I couldn’t figure out why I never worked my triceps, feeling that burning sensation. Before I realized that I was holding weights in an incorrect manner, I also began to get a false sense of strength.

Not being able to gauge the effective weight range to use for your triceps can build up strength in the better formwrong areas. Whereas the biceps muscles are responsible for what is known as pushing movements, the triceps will be the opposite, using pulling movements to become fully activated. After prolonged experience with not angling myself to the proper position, my tricep workouts were working my chest this whole time. If you are in the same boat that I was, when you do get ready to hit your triceps again, step down the weight that you have been using. When you isolate the triceps, maintaining the correct arm position, don’t begin with a weight that is too heavy.

Cheating at what you lift can occur when you are swinging your entire body or trying to move a dumbbell by using extra muscles. The muscles that are responsible for the tricep do have the potential to exponentially grow but we are still dealing with a small set of muscles that stretch to taut lengths. Even though the tricep does have a larger surface area size than the bicep, you still should maintain a degree of calmness when approaching a tricep workout. You will never want to move the triceps in a fast or jerky motion, this could end up causing a tear to happen within the muscles themselves. Rolling up the tricep muscle, along the length of the arm is an additional risk you face by not taking care to lift weights the right way. There is nothing quite worse as a man who works out his triceps five times a week, yet wonders why they aren’t looking gigantic. If you have followed along to my method of thinking, you know that the man whose triceps wouldn’t start developing properly were due to a byproduct of bad form. It is always better to lift weights that feel doable, instead of having to use jumpy movements to move a heavier set of dumbbells.


Megastar Addresses Worries in England

You will want to tune it to a big morning show coming up, where one man who has taking steroids promises to address just how bad it has become. If I were to want the most valuable opinion on steroids in England, I would talk to someone who has used them. Spencer Matthews, a popular television star and former user of steroids wants to have a platform to speak about something that has taken England by storm. We aren’t talking about any sort of British Invasion, rather a much worse one. The spreading of steroids has been rampant all across the world but the numbers are showing that England is facing alarming statistics.

Any kind of epidemic is a terrible task for a country to handle, my heart goes out to England, they have already had quite a crazy year! I think that this interview is going to raise awareness on just how out of control steroids are being used and exchanged. On such a broad spectrum of television news shows, I look forward to seeing this being a topic for the day’s discussion. Spencer Matthews has risen to fame and has used his status to help end the distribution of such dangerous substances. I urge you to tune in to this program, when it airs, the more of us that know the real facts, the better. Any steps that can be taken to inform the world about the dangers beyond just looking bigger have got to be put out there.

Like so many before him, Matthews wanted to get look better and this was why he danced his first dance with a steroid. With the wrong people behind you, a good decision can become a harsh reality, in addition to a personal struggle. Seeing another man battle back and win the fight against steroids is always empowering to watch. I wish this man nothing but the best in a steroid-free future that I am sure he will enjoy. I await the good news that will come from this investigation, my hat goes off to the man or woman who decided to run this story!


Jones Fails USADA Test, Main Event Scrapped

One of the biggest sports suspensions has taken place, with UFC fighter Jon Jones being scrapped from the main event of UFC 200. This news takes place only three days before the big show was set to air. Jones was, at one time, the single greatest pound for pound fight in the world. The former champion has been facing a rocky road lately and news of this suspension will not do the Jones name any favors. The first fall from grace was when he was involved in a hit and run accident, fleeing the scene. As he entered the octagon again, to reclaim his former glory, all looked like it was going well. Set to face Daniel Cormier, many fans were amped up to see this rematch, as well they should have been. Just a short while ago, Jones and Cormier fought for a title and everyone was going crazy for the possibility of a rematch.

Being a taller fighter for his weight class, the long reach of his arms and legs kept opponents looking for a way to beat him. I hate that this suspension occurred because this big fight would have been the one to restart the legacy of Jon Jones. I say legacy because that was where Jones’s career was heading to, before the hit and run fiasco. As of right now, there isn’t a lot of concrete information that can be revealed but the test subject did come forward with his explanation on what has happened. Jon has denied that anything had been done wrong, to bring about the failing test results that he received. Reading through to see what the experts were saying about fight predictions, I did see something where Jones had even said he didn’t lift weights in training, prior to this fight. If you had the chance to watch the conferences for the UFC 200 event, it didn’t look like Jon Jones had a different body composition, he still looked lean and strong.

The future for Jones in the UFC remains murky, especially with hearing about this new failed test. The world of mixed martial arts has taken some big hits, still keeping their collective head up amid all of the controversy. I don’t want to stir up the pot here but I can’t see why Jones would have knowingly messed up such a big main event, it very well could be that he doesn’t know why he failed. I think that if Jones was a big star, looking to prove himself in the world of fighting, I could understand failing the test and knowing that he probably would have. How could a fighter who so easily shut down an entire light heavyweight division get popped over such a dumb mistake? Jones wouldn’t have needed any kind of substance to go into the octagon and win back his title, that’s just my opinion. Perhaps he was worried about the new version of Daniel Cormier that was set to face him.

Some are calling the change in lineup, due to Jone’s test results one of the biggest shake ups in sports history. I have to believe that Daniel is livid at hearing this, as he is now missing out on a huge paycheck and a fight he took very seriously. As of right now, I don’t believe that Cormier is going to pick up another opponent, the whole match is being removed. I know that there have to be some tough challengers looking to have that Rocky moment and rise out of obscurity to get a shot at a big title.


How Tren Made My Friends Legs Grow Tremendously

While not being the brightest build in the world, I had to talk about a recent friend’s workout progress that was insane. Running a type of trenbolone, in the past, this friend had always had really tiny legs. No matter what he tried, it always seems like leg growth was not in his future. He got fed up with being made fun of, for what he was trying so hard to get rid of, those little thighs. The next time that I worked out with this guy, who I never was someone to rib him, he started to appear more determined than normal.

It was almost as if, when he would normally be calm, he would get annoyed when I was taking longer to finish out a set. I should add that during our workouts together, the weather outside was hot and we would both work together out there. I had my days where I could easily keep up with completing my lifting while balancing out a hectic pace, from an already ended workday. On other days, I would just to go home after work and lay down on the couch. I couldn’t always keep up with the friend in this story but I would try as hard as I could. When my friend was running this Trenbolone, he had now shifted his focus to mostly leg days, determined to prove all of the guys making fun of him wrong. It could have been some inspirational mini-series, watching this guy give everything he had and somehow finding the will to push past his limits. It wasn’t too long until there was an owner of a new set of muscled up legs, adding to an already bulky upper half. What I felt bad for now, wasn’t the people who were making fun of him before he started working out much more intensely, but how many pairs of pants he went through. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my pal was getting so huge that it seemed he was always wearing a different pair of workout shorts, alternating every other week. I thought that he had maybe gotten a raise or come into some money and kind of felt that he was flaunting being able to afford new workout wear everytime we lifted together.

I had to ask one day, where the need to purchase so many new clothes had come from and he told me it had to do with necessity. Going further into detail, the legs of this person were growing muscle so fast that he kept increasing pants sizes. Just watching him walk around began to get awkward because his waist had gained no mass, still appearing trimmed up. This imbalance of muscle made anything he wore fit in a weird way that almost looked painful. I would compare the new look that this buddy had to watching someone who arms have outgrown their shirt. Watching someone walk around, looking like their shirt is cutting off their circulation just hurts me. Arnold had always talked about, when your reach certain point in your lifting, that you no longer have to feel like such a show off. I remember the times where I would strut around proudly, in a shirt that was two sizes too small. Nowadays, I don’t feel the need to flaunt that I lift weights, even to try and impress ladies. Trenbolone has been known to help people get the muscles that they need, regardless of what factors are inspiring them to do so.


Juicing in Track: Is It Still Taking Place?

As someone who took track and field as a sport and ran with it, I can’t believe what I am hearing about the state of this sport. It appears that substances are leaking their way into this sport and it is definitely taking its toll. As you know, track and field is all about running fast. You want to be faster than any other fellow track runner out on that racetrack. When I played the sport, after much encouragement from my family, I did semi-well but was never the fastest. In that day and age, all you could if you weren’t fast enough, was to keep practicing. I remember getting up way too early and getting distance runs in, when I had the time to. Although, I did start to get faster, by the time I realized all of the work that I needed to put in, the track season was over and it was time to pick another sport.

If only things could be that simple, when talking about the professional level of becoming a track and field mega athlete. You all probably remember the initial story that sparked outrage when it came to light that some Olympic level track and field heroes were juicing. While not happening as often as it does with other sports, track and field has become a type of sport where being the fastest person will come with its own temptations.

Steroid aren’t just made, in order to make someone larger, they can be used to make you run faster as well. Here, you could start to see where these competitions could face some substance issues. The most popular steroids that are being used to make someone run faster and tire out less quickly are making up a broad category.

Usually, these substances are ones that don’t have to be injected, making it harder to track when it comes time to have someone try and find any signs of use on you. Look below at an awesome video I found that details the problems with steroids and the sport of track and field, it is eye-opening. Not everyone is in line with using something to try and get ahead out on the race track, many athletes have spoken out against the others that make these crazy decisions.


Reader’s Response to Cautionary Steroid Tales

Hey, it’s me back again and I want to thank all of you great readers for touching base with me, regarding a recent post that I made. Apparently, it had made a big impression on some of you, because you reached out to me to tell me your tales about steroid use. None of them had a happy ending but I am glad that you all were able to learn from your mistakes, just as I had, all those years ago.

Mark from Cincinnati told me the times in life where he was using steroids while weightlifting. As with so many of you, it started from a need to push yourself harder. It really blurs lines between helping yourself and hurting yourself when steroids are being discussed. I hear, more than anything, about people just wanting to try a steroid out, not knowing the web of addiction that they are getting themselves into. What is causing so many problems is that the fact that people do not have the credentials to be administering such dangerous substances to themselves.

Like Mark, I also was persuaded into trying gear, thanks to someone that I thought was a friend advising me the entire time. I wish I had known that the people I had around me were not my true friends. Perhaps, if I had known what a real friend could be, they would have been the ones to talk me out of making such stupid decisions. However, the past is the past and I know that I can only change my present and my future.

Problems associated with steroids are not just a problem that men have, even Sharla from Dallas had her own story to speak about. Thank you, Sharla for your tale, trust me, women have it much harder than us guys do. Sharla spoke about how steroid usage and the bad feelings associated with it, is a common problem among women. Women are looking to improve their bodies and get ahead for their next competition, just like us guys are.

Almost all of the great stories that I got in from you readers all pointed to specific time where they knew they had to stop. Whether it be the advice of friends, family members getting emotional, or another factor; everyone of you had a moment in your life where you said no to steroids. I know that it took a lot of courage to send your stories in and I thank each and every one you for sending them. You all are true inspirations to me and the most important thing in every tale was that you had that moment where you would not let steroids control your life anymore, congratulations!


What Happens if You Use Steroids and Wait

For anyone who could be wondering if you get anything out of taking steroids without any physical activity, I wanted to go into detail about what will happen if you follow this horrible plan. I don’t recommend that anyone use the real deal steroids but, metaphorically, here is what you would most likely have happen to you. For the few of you that think you can just decide to start taking a steroid, without doing anything else, let me dash those hopes that doing this will give you any kind of positive results. First, most steroids are going to tell all of the amazing components that make up our internal systems to do different things. For the general sake of this discussion, I’m going to lead with the most common benefits that most steroids will offer you.

Usually, your body is being told to produce muscle rapidly, when you go and lift weights, you get more of the reward. However, if you use a steroid and don’t exert yourself, the body will still get told the same thing, it just won’t have a response to that original message. I would compare it to someone being told to go and push down the gas pedal on the car when they don’t have any keys to start the engine, it wouldn’t do much to get the actual car moving. On the flipside, there are steroid that are made to increase the rate at which you lose weight.

Let’s tackle that other category of steroid supplements and figure out what would happen if you used these weight loss steroids, without stepping foot out of your front door. If you are wanting to lose a good amount of weight and aren’t getting yourself up and moving, you will only end up gaining additional weight. If you were to do nothing and use, what is known as, a cutting steroid, you will notice minimal fat loss. I suppose that it would be easier to cut weight than to build muscle, if you don’t get up very often. Don’t be so sure you are setting yourself for such an easy path, the loss will be lazybones personsplit among your muscle and fat. Being less flabby is never a bad idea but if it comes at the expense of the muscle that you have worked so hard to achieve, you are taking six steps back, just to take one forward. The only body type that you will end up having will be case of skinny fatness, where you looked out of proportion and like the average person. If you have been spending months in and out of a weight room, the last thing that you want to hear that you look like is average, how crushing that would be. The argument among those who use steroids, or have in the past, was that the good outweighed the bad.

How true the previous claim really is, has been the main subject of the massive steroid debate for ages. What I can say is this, at least those people put in the work to get the good, coupled with the bad. As you see, the side effects of steroid use will attack a non-active lifter just the same as it would do to someone who was regularly working out three to five times a week, that is a scary thought to think about. I don’t mind telling people how dangerous steroid use can be, if you are uninformed or otherwise. If you believe that you can use steroids and get fit from the comfort of your living room, you will be doing yourself nothing but harm, so don’t do it!


Lenny Dykstra’s Memoir Covers His Roid History

Known as one of the most popular baseball players of his time, Lenny Dykstra is releasing a new book. A long line of former baseball stars have released books, this is nothing new. What does make his story stand out from his peers all has to do with the subject of steroids. Lenny is actually making some headlines again, as he has been talking about his steroid usage and how it compares to what is going on right now. You have heard about the younger generation of players getting sidelinded for failing their standard steroid tests. Nowadays, everything is much controlled and it is easier to get busted for using the wrong things to help keep you ahead of all of the competing teams. However, the strict guidelines weren’t always there and Dykstra would be more than happy to tell you all about it.

Lenny played for two major baseball teams in his career, the New York Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies. With about ten years of total time playing for big-name teams, this guy was always around the temptation to take something to bring your game to all-new heights. Lenny had a great baseball career but it wasn’t without its dark times. Dykstra had some issues with the law that plagued him after his time playing professionally on the diamond was over. No stranger to the issues of steroids, Lenny even mentions that he would be accustomed to having his steroids for breakfast. How crazy must it have been to be in a world where substances so dangerous would just become a regular part of your life, like having a meal when you wake up?

steroids in past

Hearing some of Lenny’s amazing interviews, he brings an important matter in the debate on sports players using steroids. His point is that, in his mind, taking steroids daily meant the difference between millions, or a normal job, like everyone else. If you were tempted to use steroids, in order to bring your salary up to the millions, would you? It is a tough question to answer, someone like me could sit behind a keyboard and say that I wouldn’t hurt my body to make more money but if you were actually seeing the million-dollar contract in front of you, it would sure be tough to walk away from that. Lenny Dykstra wasn’t the first athlete that ever had to make this decision but he has one of the best viewpoints on the matter that I have read about. It becomes much tougher to not be involved in steroids, unless you picture yourself in the position of the athletes.

When most of us hear about another athlete getting busted, we turn our noses up at that person. However, if you were the athlete just trying to make some more money, would you want everyone judging you for your decisions? I think that everyone should go and grab a copy of Lenny’s new memoir, I know that I will be buying it. I love it when athletes can set aside the smoke and mirrors and tell you how it really was to be them. This man makes no excuses, takes no prisoners, and has no problem telling it like it is. I would have to guess that Lenny Dykstra’s new book is going to be a wild ride that has all of the details that we all want to know about the path to the big time for an all-star baseball player.


Football Players Warned of Steroids in Foreign Meat

Throughout the past years, we have read some amazing excuses for steroids coming up in tests. The one that I’m about to tell you about truly takes the cake as one of the weirdest ways to accidentally use steroids that I’ve ever heard of. If you are traveling out of the country and play sports, there is a warning going around about certain meat products from other countries. It is being said that the ingredient in some meats are actually an anabolic. Don’t think that eating meat from other countries is going to turn you into a muscle monster, it could actually affect your sports career.

These findings aren’t just speculation either, there has already been a player that has gotten a violation when he consumed meat in Mexico. I don’t know how the tests are done but hopefully he got a pass, if the steroids that he ingested were purely from meat. You could be asking, wouldn’t having steroids in meat be against the law? You’re right, having meat containing anything resembling an anabolic would be removed promptly, in the United States. However, different countries have different laws, this being why eating meat from another country could end up giving you extra ingredients that you didn’t ask for or want.

Even though I had thought that this was some sort of late April Fool’s joke, the science behind what is in certain meats and other locations is completely true. So true, that a sports organization even waved a positive test result for anabolics when a player had documentation that said he ate meat in Mexico. I hope that readers of the story doesn’t lead to people trying to get meat exclusively from other countries, in order to think of it as some sort of workout revolution. The amounts of anabolics in the meat are probably so low that they wouldn’t have much of an effect, so don’t try it. Furthermore, even though the steroid content is enough to cause failed tests, I highly doubt that it would be enough to provide any sort of muscle improvement, at least nothing major.


Another MLB Player Gets Busted

another baseball steroid bustThe Minnesota Twins professional baseball team takes another hit as an outfielder has been busted for testing positive for Stanozolol. The interesting thing with the suspension would be that Reynaldo never even got to play his first major-league game. This man was 29 years old and most of his time playing baseball was done in the minor leagues. For the world of baseball, this is seen as a huge blow, simply because this man was unproven on the major-league field. It could be said that, as time went on, he could’ve been a more valuable addition to the Minnesota team but as for now, we won’t know for 80 days.

I say 80 days because that is the length of the first time suspension for what he had popped for in his test. For the duration of his first suspension, with the time that this occurred with baseball season just starting to warm up it could be seen as a big blow for the Twins. This will make things even more uncertain as the next season approaches because many of his professional peers won’t know how he plays on a major-league field. He could’ve been seen as a good replacement or a string player to keep just in case one of the bigger stars had an unforeseen injury, now those plans seem to be up in the air. If Stanozolol sounds like something you have heard before, there could be a pretty good reason for that. This is the actual steroid that other players have been banned for using as well.

With a growing list of individuals that have been caught using this kind of steroid, don’t you think the athletes will try something else by now? I certainly do but with all of the ways that a steroid like this can get transformed and used for other purposes, it really doesn’t surprise me. For the Twins, some are probably thankful that this wasn’t one of their more well-known and popular players. Still, the fact remains that this news is bad for the organization and I can’t help but feel for the player in question, who’s future will now take a much different turn. For someone who is getting ready to play a full season of games, having to be sidelined for most of the season has to be a crippling below. You may have also heard of the steroid known by its other name, which is Winstrol. Used for more of a medical nature, Winstrol does have positive properties to it. Actually, this steroid can help with different kinds of medical conditions and can also be used to induce growth, when needed for health concerns.

However, as is the case with this recent baseball bust, sports players are using it for different reasons. Perhaps sports players using it too much and too many tests coming up positive could be just a few causes of what led to the world anti-doping agency putting a ban on the substance. There could be tougher regulations and testing going into place as it seems as if this recent year has been a hotbed for baseball players getting busted. Hopefully, Minnesota will remain quiet for the rest of the season and there won’t be any other bans coming out of their camp. This has been a crazy seaoson for baseball fans, with all of the action not just being on the field!