The Craze over D-Bol and Where it Stands Now

A Quick Intro to a Supplement Barely Hanging On

If you have been reading around about any kind of illegal steroids supplementation, you will see something called Dianobal pop up quite a bit. The simple reason for this is that most people agree that this was the one that gave them the best results. That’s why it’s usually one of the main ones listed around on a lot of the big legal steroid forms and websites. The current state of it right now is that it is in an alternative form. The name for the supplement has been change so many times, with so many little variations along the way.

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As a supplement, does it still hold up to the original supplement that gave the whole Dianobal thing it’s roots? Yes, I think that it does. It is something that is a bit disconcerting when you think about how many times a supplement could be getting changed around. We won’t really know if ingredient bases changed or how the formulations of changed over the years, but we know changes are happening.

How This Supplement Has Changed

The main changes that you would notice with taking the supplement would be that you would actually put on muscle mass easier. This was something that really gave a distinct edge from using the supplement versus people continues the supplement it was also a big factor into why supplements came under fire in the sporting events. This would be a supplement type that you would see someone get banned for having. This is serious stuff were talking about here, folks.

D-Bol Comes Under Fire; The Future

Because of how well the supplement worked, it quickly came under fire. It was banned and now there are alternatives of the supplement that are being made that are actually legal to have. I don’t know how this works and I take no responsibility for the validity of any of the claims of that supplement companies. However, even the alternatives to the Dianobal supplement are actually selling well.

Dianobal supplements work because they actually were able to change the way that your body produces muscle. This is something that sounds like it was out of a science-fiction movie, but the supplement actually did just that, which is pretty wild. Nowadays it is a bit harder to find the supplements and all your fines will be an alternative that’s probably going to be able bit weaker than the real deal. However, you’re still getting something that’s gonna work really well provided that you were in the health required to take it. Put in the work and you will always get in the results, is what I always say.

So I don’t have something to help make putting in that work a little bit easier in those results a little bit better, but that is just my opinion. Also, be sure to be taking in enough water while using this supplement. You do not want to have any side pains like I had because I didn’t drink enough water. Also be sure to stay on a somewhat strict diet as you will reap the full benefits of the ingredients in the supplement.


Helpful information over Winstrol

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, that rose to prominence around the 60s. One thing that is unique about the steroid when compared to others is that it actually has been approved for human use by the FDA. Another important thing about this supplement is that it is available in tablet form, which can be more popular among users who would prefer to use pills as opposed to injecting something. Although it has been approved by the FDA, it is still a performance-enhancing drug and is something that is banned from using with any kind of professional sports competition. There are still ways that bodybuilders are able to obtain Winstrol and can get it injected or in tablet form.

It is been known by many bodybuilders to be a lifesaver during cutting season when they are needing to reduce their body fat percentage, while also keeping their muscles. And one big reason why this product was banned in the use of professional sports is because there are many different cases where people have tested positive for the supplement throughout the history of sports. It was taken also in some cases by a large amount of mixed martial artists, further driving it out of the sport. Another sport that this oddly enough lead to some bad publicity for Winstrol was when it was found to have been used throughout the sport of equestrianism.

There are two sides to every steroid out there and some people who are able to take the supplement for cutting seasons and have no problem doing it very safely. However, there are others were taking the supplement would be a huge risk and could really get you into all kinds of trouble. I think what that all really comes down to is the quality of the source and the intelligence of the person actually using the Winstrol. There is actually a legal steroid alternative to Winstrol, more about that in the video below.

First off, if you are you in any kind of sports or are not attending this legally, you really should not be doing this. It is not worth the risk that you could face and all the harm that can come to you because of it. Because of that, you really need to think twice about using the steroid in those situations. Now, if we are talking about someone who is legally able to obtain the supplement just be sure that you follow the physicians orders and do not abuse the steroid. You will only increase the harm that will come to your body and it is just not a smart thing to do.

We will be continuing to cover certain kinds of steroids, we had just began to really receive a lot of request for more information about this one. This is probably due to its popularity in the bodybuilding world. Stay tuned as we will cover more about this very shortly.


Steroids: Why Inject When You Can Take a Pill?

The Future of Steroid Supplementation, Legally

No, we are not just talking about just one steroid that is in pill form. There is actually a line of products that are called legal steroids. That means that these products are perfectly safe and legal to get. One nice thing is not having anything to risk when getting them. Better yet, you know that what you are getting is top-quality with no risk of worrying about a knock off.

To add to that, you really get this stuff a lot faster because you are not having to do anything shady to obtain it. Anyways, we were skeptical of this at first, so we decided to try it out. We found some reviews on the internet, some even calling this stuff the best ever which is a big deal.  Now, how do we feel about it being called the best stuff in this supplement category that is available? To be honest, we agree with that and here is why.

First off, the stuff really does work. Does it work as well as the real stuff? Well, we think that that is debatable. We all noticed better athletic performance and were able to lift more. However, some of us did not get as much power and muscle mass as the others. The final word on these supplements were that they really worked well.  Another important part of trying this stuff for this experiment was that it was so much more cheaper than the real thing! I mean, I would really drop some money back in the 70s and it killed my wallet. It was so nice and felt so much better and cleaner to just legally buy the stuff on a website.

Another thing that I noticed was that they have a great money back guarantee, so something like that really shows me that they know their products work. Anyways, if you guys are looking for something legit I would really suggest going to check them out. I’ll leave some more information about what we tried:

First, we had tried a product that was an alternative to Deca. This was the personal favorite as it really skyrocketed my strength. Dianobal was also a big hit among our staff. They offer a whole bunch of other stuff on there for nearly any fitness goal you might have. If you really need a detailed plan or are new to the whole scene, I would recommend that you check out their help section as it has a drop down menu of glory. This drop down menu will actually help to pick the supplement(s) that will best help to achieve your said goal.

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If you want another big reason to stay away from those illegal steroids, here is a story about a professor that got himself into some trouble recently:


The Side Effects of Steroid Use: Be Careful

I have an awesome infographic that I found that I want you all to check out. It really helps to show just how bad steroid usage can truly be if not carefully monitored. Am I saying that steroids are perfectly safe? No, but nothing in excessive amounts or over time can always be.

Let’s take a closer look at some key points discussed in this infographic.


Now, I am a bit on the fence about the whole roid rage thing. I think that people are naturally wired a certain way and that this can maybe amplify their feelings. However, I do not think that every single person that uses steroids will end up some angry maniac. I personally have had an off day or two while using legal steroids but nothing that is any different from normal bad days.

This infographic points out skin problems and that is something that I really do notice from using these products. I have always suffered from back acne and it is not a fun experience. I will usually notice that my forehead will get more oily than usual.

One scary thing to consider is that people that use steroids are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease than non-users. This is a really scary fact so we definitely want to make sure that we are at least lowering these chances by making sure that we have a heart-healthy diet. Also, the exercise with the steroid usage does at least help to keep our heart in good shape through physical activity.

As we lean more to the still serious but less than the previous points, we have side effects of steroids on the human body. One of the things that we worry most about is developing extra chest tissue as a male. This is not muscle tissue but fat tissue and is not a great look to have as a weightlifter. This is why the use of post cycle supplements after a legal steroid cycle is so important.

One thing that I do not like to hear about is teen using steroids. I think that if you are wanting to take the risk and use this stuff, be of age and do it carefully!


Steroid Use in Movies: Does it Send the Wrong Message?

Most of us have no doubt seen the iconic film, Rocky 4. In that film, was something that I did not notice, as I saw the movie first as a child. We see Rocky Balboa, our hero, training out in Russia in the cold, naturally. We see that the evil Ivan Drago is training, albeit a different way. I noticed that as a kid he would keep taking these miracle shots and he was so strong.

When I was first watching this, I really did the significance of this message because I was so young. However, upon later viewing, I had realized that Ivan Drago was using steroids! Rocky was the real champ here, getting his strength and endurance booster naturally through vigorous training and the loss of a friend.


One thing that is important to notice is just how hard Drago punched. In that scene with the awesome machine that reads how hard something can hit, Drago hits all kinds of records. Now, would this message be that steroids can make you stronger than Rocky? Is there a chance that the steroid user can actually beat the legendary Rocky?

Well, spoiler alert (on a movie that is over 20 years old), Ivan Drago does not defeat Rocky. Yes, that steroid using person had no chance of defeating Rocky because of his heart. It sends a good message, overall, but it is one that so many people associate with using steroids. I have my own opinions on steroid use in sports but as a personal thing, I think that everyone has the right to make their own choices.

It seems to me that I rarely find too many other mentions of steroids in films. Sure, there have been some great documentaries made on the subject but it is tough to find many films that have to do with this subject. Of course, I understand why because anyone trying to humanize steroids would probably get ripped apart by people across the world.

What movies have you all seen that deal with steroid usage and how to did that film portray the character(s) using them? Let us know!


Steroids and Goals: Which Ones Work Best?

We all are made different and some may look to legal steroids for different reasons. One main concern is that you want to achieve your goals faster, which is great! However, we all have different goals in mind, so let’s look at the most common: more muscle or less fat. Now, I think these are goals that we all want but you will naturally want one more than the other.

For those who are looking to gain muscle, you are going to what to think about getting something that will increase your strength. Also, if there is anything that helps to boost your appetite, that would be great. The main place where muscle growth takes place in is the kitchen, as crazy as it sounds. You will need to be lifting more and eating bigger if you REALLY want to pack on muscle in the quickest time possible.

If we are talking about those that want to lose more weight, than a fat burner would be the must have type of legal steroid in this situation. You will want to get something that is really going to target body fat. One of the toughest things with fat burning supplements is that they can reduce your hunger. This is truly a double edged sword because by losing hunger, you may lose the urge to want to eat your muscle building meals throughout the day, so proceed with caution!

Another popular choice among those who are looking to increase their athletic performance would be to use those type of legal steroids that have an effect on getting your more oxygen. This is really where it gets tricky to pick out a certain type of steroid because certain goals can be achieved by only taking one supplement. The big thing to remember is how the certain goal of taking that product will help you for the better.

For example, if you were wanting to lose weight, you may need to do more cardio. To do more cardio, you may need to take something that gets you more oxygen. I hope that this doesn’t make the situation more confusing to newbies. Just be sure to do your research and be careful out there!