Update: Pakistan Has Banned Bodybuilding Shows

In what has to be one of the more stunning developments in something that we have covered previously, the country of Pakistan has actually banned bodybuilding competitions. This is not a decision that was made all of the sudden or had no real basis for why the decision was made. Tragically, four bodybuilders, all in separate incidents, have passed away within about a two week period. Recently, I told you all about the two big deaths in the Pakistani bodybuilding world.

The two men that died, from my earlier post, were not your run-of-the-mill amateur weightlifters either. No, these men were bodybuilding greats who were way ahead of the competition and both men had won medals for professional bodybuilding in their lifetimes. I had hoped, with every bone in my body, that there were not be any additional deaths and that this tragedy would be over.

However, this was not the case, as fate had other plans in store with these two other deaths involving bodybuilders. Initially, I really wasn’t sure if steroids had played a part in these serious events but two deaths, in such a short time and in a close proximity, has me wondering what to believe. Understandably, there aren’t many details that are being reported about these four strange and seemingly tied together cases.

Whether it is for sure has to do with a batch of tainted steroids or an indicator of something more widespread, I do not know. It appears that this countries officials are not blind as to what could be behind all four of these deaths. Officials even cite excessive steroid use as the reason as to why competitions involving bodybuilding have been banished. The length of the ban on bodybuilding shows is yet to be determined, judging from the statement that was made by the Pakistan officials, it looks like it could last for a while. bodybuilder

What Pakistan Plans to Do to Stop This

I appreciate what this country is doing to fight back, concerning the recent wave of steroids that has left a bad mark on the country. Some are even calling into question the local gyms in the area that were affected by the recent deaths, wondering what really went on behind closed doors. We have a lot of fingers to point for blame but it seems like there is no single scapegoat, at the moment. Looking closer into the theory of the fitness centers being to blame, if we look at steroid run ins with the law in America, I could definitely see the point that Pakistan officials are making.

If you visit a big name gym that is backed by a corporation, you can rest assured that things will most likely be on the up and up. However, venturing into the smaller health centers where the rules have a greater tendency to bend or break, one could obtain steroids. I don’t want to throw every mom and pop health club under the bus here, I think the places where these kinds of supplements would be available are few and far between, for good reason. I sincerely hope that with the ban put in place by Pakistan, I will not have to say anything else about the tragedies that have taken place within this country in a matter of weeks. I was going to make it sure that I updated all of you on these four horrible incidents, I wished that the news would have been better.


Alarming Recent Wave of Death Among Bodybuilders

It appears as if there are some odd things happening in for bodybuilders in Pakistan. Ok, not every single bodybuilder in that country but two big names in this field have died recently. I don’t mean like recently, as in the past year, we’re talking about within the span of a little over two weeks. One man, named Humayun was a very popular weightlifter, who had even been awarded medals in professional competitions. Sadly, he had injured his trachea while he was having a meal. I am doubtful that this first one was directly related to steroids. For me, this appears as a freak accident that tragically was a fatal one. Of course, there will always be those who will wonder if the stress placed on his body, first happened because of steroids.

Looking at the second case, things get a little weirder when looking at the details. The next bodybuilder of such prominence to pass away had suffered from cardiac problems, leading to his death. Both of these events happening in two weeks is strange enough, add to the mix that they were both bodybuilders of a professional level and it really is eerie. I am really hoping that there are no more incidents ever, especially anything that adds to the number of recent deaths. There could be a large number of reasons that these events could be related, it could also be an odd and unfortunate coincidence. If we look into what could have caused these two cardiac incidents, we have to mention steroids.

I am not accusing any of these men of taking them, but it does draw some questions where some could draw their own connections. A case of bad steroids hitting the market that are tainted with who knows what would not be a new event. One of the biggest risks one undertakes when using a substance that is not meant to be widely used, meaning that it faces to regulatory measures, stories like these are common.

As plans are being made to phase out shipments that contain any kind of substance like these, I have faith that bad and fake steroids are taken out of the hands of innocent consumers. What can be done from here is two celebrate the two men, they lived their lives with a sense of determination that I can’t even fathom having. Truly, these two guys made legends of themselves by taking their bodies to their limit. Pursuing a dream in the professional bodybuilding realm is quite a task to complete.

I love working out and am in relatively good shape but I know that I would have near enough grit to tackle competing, let alone winning a single championship. As people continue to push themselves beyond their old limits, some can take it a bit too far. Please keep in mind to not risk damaging yourself in the pursuit of being stronger. There are always safer ways to accomplish your goals, do not be careless with your health, it is the most important aspect of your life. One minute these two men were taking over in their profession and then two tragedies happen so close together. I will continue to check up on the latest breaks in this big story and will be updating further on this issue once I know more details.


The Tale of Kieran Kidder’s Rise to Powerlifting Greatness

Founder of the World Powerlifting Organzation, here is a guy who knows his way around a gym. Not only founding such a great group, he didn’t get to this position of leadership from sitting on the sidelines. Kidder is an accomplished powerlifter himself. A lifter that focuses on power will normally have a different build than would, a bodybuilder. A barrel-chested and bigger physique (that some would in correctly see as fat), powerlifters are most often much stronger than bodybuilders. Kieran has been trying different supplements to help him attain further greatness for decades. Kidder did not shy away from using steroids, to this day he will defend what he does. He believes that most of the public does not know enough about these compounds. To him, his daily routine has become like a way of life and as simple as it would be for another person to take their daily Aleve!

kierian lifting

His schedule is one that could make even the most hardened steroid users wince. He combines injectables, along with capsules to run his complete cycle. I never condone any usage of these compounds but his routine is really powerful. I can’t imagine trying to run that much at once, but to each his own. In his way of thinking, the more receptors that you can trigger and get fired up, the better for your training this will be. Here is what is happening, as Kidder uses these various compounds. The muscle is made up of many different tissues, made up in a chain-like form. When you do anything to strengthen your muscles, these tissues tear and rip. Literally, thousands of small fibers are what makes up an entire muscle. The difference of taking a steroid is these repairs happen at a rapid rate, building the actual muscle up at a faster speed. One misconception is that someone can just start a steroid and look ripped in days, it doesn’t work that way. When repairs mend the series of small tears in a muscle, it removes aches and can get you back to lifting much sooner, which many do not know is why such rapid growing occurs among those like Kidder. Perhaps relying on these compounds too much, he was arrested in 1996 and had to even serve time. Learning an important lesson, he now knew his life could be affected by what was helping him repair his fibers faster. Regardless of how you view this man’s choices, a steroid spreads throughout your whole body, think of how it enters it. Experts still maintain their thoughts that a steroid can, in fact, change how someone behaves.

You won’t find that to be a point that Kidder would agree with. He claims that it all comes down to how you use these compounds that leads to your results. I can’t say, with one hundred percent clarity, who is right and wrong in this debate. I think that both sides have points that I agree with. It is important to note that, while Kidder has built his body with these compounds, other have ruined their lives entirely with them. As more continue to bash these compounds and anyone who uses them, there will always be a figure like Kieran Kidder to prove them all wrong. Who you choose to follow in this debate, is your own decision.


Tasmania Struggles to Fight Steroid Flood Through Mail

It was stated that these steroids were actually seized through the mail system, as this is a big way people are trying to get this stuff into another country. This is why I tell people to advise against taking the risks when trying to get any kind of steroidal. Websites that are actually selling the real deal face increased scrutiny. The problem is that these websites operate in places where these kind of steroids are allowed to be obtained. Someone can go onto this website and have an order sent to them, even though their country might not allow anyone to obtain gear.

Anything that is being done to stop these websites is a step in the right direction. Not only is no one really sure what is being sold to them, it also raises another important concern. This concern is that uneducated (therefore dangerous) minds are having these dangerous substances so readily available to them. Someone new to using such a dangerous item could very likely not know all that they need to be safe. If these people are not keeping safety as the most important decision maker, they could do some real harm to themselves. It really makes me nervous to know that someone who knows nothing about what they could be using to have an outlet made for them to try whatever they wanted. There are some things in life where you can’t just learn by doing and using steroids sits pretty high on that list, in my opinion.

I have to commend the police for how well they are doing to stop this growing problem. I don’t know the details, as to what all has been seized but the fact that the streets are cleaner is good enough for me. There is no need for something so dangerous to be so readily available, maybe this will teach those a lesson to not try and cheat the system. Hopefully, this will send a clear message to all residents of Tasmania that steroid use will not be tolerated. Congratulations to everyone who was a part of making this bust such a successful one!


Sprint Like the Wind: Which Steroids Make You Faster?

Let’s take a moment and get away from the muscled and oiled up Hercules look and get to running. Known widely as one of the best things that you can do to manage weight, going for a run is a hobby that most people enjoy. Not everyone is the kind of runner that you will see in a track event, instead, the run is usually a non-competitive way to take some time out of the day for you and you alone. Here, you walk a fine line with your body composition. If you become to loaded down with mass, you will have to carry more weight with each step you take. This is why most races that you will watch do not have anyone that matches the description of a defensive lineman. Most runners have to keep their frame nice and slender because of how faster it lets them be. To further complicate matters, you can’t just go reaching for the first steroid that you hear about. Not only are they mega illegal, many tests needed to take as a runner will weed out those shenanigans quicker than you can say Armstrong.

If you just like the feeling of flying down a track, stick with something that isn’t too harsh and won’t add extra weight. You will need a steroid that has the ability to give you more oxygen. As you are able to breathe deeper, this will help to keep you running at top speed without leaving you panting as the yards go by. Blood cells also control so many of the functions that anyone with a pair of running shoes on will need to beat their record sprinting time. The good news is that most products made to help with getting you more oxygen, will often go hand in hand with being able to raise your blood cell count as well.

At first glance, it doesn’t appear as such, but repeated amounts of running can be tough on your joints. The constant motion of feet hitting running in placea surface in a fast motion, gradually wears down joints in your legs. Before you reach out for the supplement you see, find out if it causes any joint pain. You do not want to be mid-run when, all of a sudden, your own legs turn against you. I know some of you have watched segments of races in which the athletes body simply can not take another step. From the stiffness in their sure-to-be cramped body, a runner will usually lock up and be forced to take a seating or lying position. Having its roots in joints simply giving out on the person, when running don’t take anything that will hinder how well your joints carry you across the racing track.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever take the place of a consistent drive to achieve victory through hard work and persistence. Not everyone moves to the same beat, meaning that this option could not be the most viable one for you. If you are interested in taking something to fill that need for speed of which you have, there is always something available. Without trying to sound like a goody two shoes, do everything that you can, utilizing all-natural methods before you go reaching for anything stronger. Most of the times, just some good old-fashioned boots to the ground will cure everything. Avoid making any irrational decisions when you could just be having an off day that took your run right along with it.


Reader Question: What Would Be Like Turinabol?

I wanted to cover something that I had been wanting to talk about, the subject of Turinabol. You really don’t hear this steroid mentioned anymore, due to how good it was, I was surprised by that. I thought more people would be looking to find something like that, for a while. Alas, not hearing enough about it got me thinking that I would have to delve into this issue myself. The more I tried to find something close to Turinabol, the tougher it came to be. All hope was not lost, as I did come upon a couple of things that are said to be able to replicate the effects that Turinabol had, on some.


Before I get into that, I wanted to tell those of you who don’t know what this steroid is, a little bit of background. Turinabol was something that has been around for a long time, since the 60s! This one was first made in Germany, some even claim that it could have been a cause for concern when the Germans team swept the Olympics! There was nothing that was actually found out during that time, but it still did raise some suspicions, at the time. Beyond that, the increased demand for Turinabol would cause some to do anything that they could to get it. One thing that made Turinabol so different from any other steroid out there, was that it was created just to be used for competitiveness in sports, not for any type of serious ailment. It really took a big leap ahead into how we saw steroids at that time in history. Steroids were now really started to be seen as something that could increase muscle size, differing from the medical purposes that they had been used for in the past. Once news began to break about how well the German team fared, there was definitely more demand for that very steroid in the United States. Naturally, this would lead to wider spread use of the steroid, to such an extent, it had to be listed as something not allowed here anymore.

Even though I previously mentioned the Olympics, don’t think that using any of this will make you turn into a wall of muscle. If you were to even use something close to it, at best, you would notice small gains with no extra fat. So, just wanted to mention that for those of you who thought that was good for strictly gains in mass, it isn’t. I don’t want to paint too bad of a picture for this one, but I have to let you know something else about Tbol, it is kind of tough on your organs. You will need to remind yourself to really watch how you feel over time. You will also stand a risk of side effects, there really are better choices to make than this steroid, it’s not wise to use. Instead of that, you are in luck, there are a few different things that can offer you much more than small increases in strength. Stick with anything that says it is an alternative to Tbol, Trenbolone, or Turinabol, however, use those at your own risk and watch out for side effects to start popping up. It is best to leave that one to people who know the risks of what they are using and you might stick with something that is a little less harsh on you.


The Moment I Found My Inspiration

One of the greatest things that someone can do, is to find what they love the most. For some people, it could take them their entire life to find it, while others know what they want to do right away. We all have our own reasons that we want to look the way we do. When that decision is made, you know that you will need to really put forth some serious effort if you want to get more muscular. After I had been working out for a while, temptation loomed regarding what could get me to the next class of strength. There were different processes that I could go through to accomplish this. The options weighed on my mind and I really had to take a while to make my decision. Finally, I decided that I wanted to be happy with the way that I looked, I didn’t care about what I had to accomplish to get it. You might come to this fork in the road and decide that you want to be safe and not put yourself through very much. Having this kind of thought is more than acceptable. There are always going to be those that will do whatever it takes to see themselves get larger, while some others don’t want to go through all of the risks, I get that.

No matter what path you take, we all have a reason. This reason is very important because there will always be something that motivates you to be up and active. Some new fathers will say that being around longer for their children is their reason. Perhaps a newly married man will want to stay in good shape for his new wife. The seemingly endless number of reasons that people have for wanting to look better will vary from person to person. I am a person whose reason is for me, mainly, I want to feel good about how I appear to others. Working out, having a proper diet, and using the right supplements are the three main ways that you will raise your chances of sticking with this kind of lifestyle. If you don’t have your reason yet, to want to be in better shape, take the time now to think of it. Perhaps it is someone that you have your eye on that you want to impress? You might even be more like me, your reason has nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with you. I am urging you, if you haven’t already, to come up with a reason that will inspire you and push you that much harder towards your own goals.

You have to remember that no one can tell you your reason is wrong. I wouldn’t believe that you should be hanging around people that are that negative but if they are, get them out of your life. If you think someone knocking you for taking some extra time to better yourself is bad now, just wait until they keep doing it all of the time. I have known someone like that and it got to me so bad, that I simply cut them out of my life. It seemed like a mean thing to do, at first, but it has never been something that I regretted. Always remember, people that will put you down are never people that you should keep around.


Do Multivitamins Aid in Your Training?

One of the most debated things that I run into, when checking out the big workout forums has to do with multivitamins. When it comes time to figure out what products you will need to take with you to the gym, some of them have to be ruled out. Sadly, something that gives you more vitamins will often be the first to go. Why are people skimping on multivitamins? It seems like enough people are just not aware of what all an Animal Pak can really do for you.aniamalapak

I want to highlight some very good reasons why you might want to rethink not getting enough vitamins. Beyond just keeping you from catching any of the nasty stuff floating around, you can really sabotage your own advancements being made in the gym by passing on a multivitamin. Some will say that you need to pick something, when it comes to a vitamin supplement, that is specially made for bodybuilders. I think that as long as you are using one, it won’t matter too much if it is specified to be for weightlifters or not. If you are someone who is using a steroid, having more vitamins in your diet is always a no-brainer. Just think of taking a vitamin as a way to help ensure that any other supplement that you are taking will not be as harsh as it would have been if you weren’t getting the vitamins that you need.

I am sure that no one actually likes being sick, I know that I don’t. One of the easiest to ensure that you aren’t feeling under the weather is to get enough vitamins! At first, I thought that this would be some kind of lie just made to sell more multivitamins, but it is not. Even though I may not use them everyday, during the times that I used a multivitamin I never got sick. I don’t mean that I only got sick once or twice, I was never sick. The kicker to all of this is, I normally will end up bring under the weather about four to five times every year. One thing I have to go through is catching something around Thanksgiving. I used Animal Pak during this time last year, and wouldn’t you know it, I never got sick. My family was amazed to see me in such great condition when it came time to cut the turkey, as they are used to see me sneezing and sniffling.

To put it in a nice way, we live to work out, which means that we will need different vitamins and minerals than the average person. If you aren’t getting these important nutrients from a multivitamin, there is a good chance that you are not getting them at all! Yes, your body might end up getting too much of one type of vitamin but, on the flipside, you will be getting ten times what you do need! When you do any kind of aerobic activity, you are actually breaking your muscles down. The rebuilding and repairing of your muscle tissue is where growth occurs. When your muscles have just finished an intense workout, they are in need of the right materials to rebuild them. If you are taking a multivitamin, congratulations, this is like having every building block that you need. On the other side, if you think that a vitamin is a waste when it comes to what makes up your supplement regimen, it is like building a house with only a handful of materials. Would you rather feed your muscles with what they are needing or chowing down on something unhealthy and wondering why you aren’t getting any bigger?


Evander Holyfield’s Troubled Championship Reign

Recently, I watched an amazing documentary on Netflix called Chasing Tyson. In this film, it chronicles the situations that kept preventing Evander Holyfield from being able to have a boxing match with Mike Tyson. Why I wanted to mention this documentary was that the subject of steroids did come up, and I learned an interesting take on something that I had not thought of before. When this topic comes into play is through old footage of Holyfield being interviewed on the Today Show. To preface why this came up at all had something to do with news that Holyfield had received at the time.

It seemed that for Evander, his hopes of achieving another world championship might soon come to an end, due to some medical concerns. These concerns turned out to be located in his heart, more specifically on of his valves were damaged. Luckily, Holyfield had recovered from this and was able to continue to fight, but this was swept under the rug without any scrutiny. When people heard of Holyfield’s heart issues, some people were immediately ready to jump on steroids as being a cause for the damage that had been done. That was not the only cause for concern that people had about what Holyfield had used or hadn’t before. Some were also quick to point out that Holyfield, at this time a heavyweight, had originally started out as a much-smaller cruiserweight.

It is common for some boxers to want to change the weight class that they are in. For one, the boxer might find out that he can fight better at a lower or higher weight class. Looking for anything that they could get on the former champ, Holyfield was grilled pretty hard. This is where the interview comes back in and Holyfield is asked a point blank question about if he had used steroids, in his past. The interviewer cited both his recent health problems and his rise in weight class, as a semi-thin case against Holyfield. Like a professional, the boxer brushed off the question and was adamant that he had never done any kind of steroids. Quickly, the whole line of questioning was backed off from, and we were taken to another scene.

I also want to note, that this was a bad time for professional sports, in terms of coming under fire for steroids being found in any of the systems of the athletes, in their respective sports. I think that nowadays, it would probably come off as very strange for a random athlete to be grilled the way that Holyfield was, unless there was some actual proof that could make a stronger case. If you have the ability to, I highly recommend that you check out this documentary. A must for any sports fan, especially the sport of boxing, this one clocks in at about an hour and a half. Also, interesting to see how this documentary paints such vivid pictures of just how mainstream it was that some athletes used steroids. One main reason that I could never make the connection between Holyfield and the dirt throwing that happened with him, was just how humble and genuine he was throughout his career. If I were to get some list together of athletes that I ever thought should probably get tested to see what they were on, Holyfield would have, most likely, never have been placed on that list.


Awards for Best and Worst Non-Steroids of the Year

As we have entered 2016, I thought that I would go ahead and put something together for you all. I know that it seems the sports supplement industry in changing day to day, so here is some up to date information. I remember always going to see the products that someone recommended only to see that they were discontinued, nothing more frustrating than that! The best were the ones that were head and shoulders above the rest. For something to really be picked among the best, it had to work and it had to be something that was trustworthy. I wanted to make sure that no pick here was starting their first year to be accepted to even be in contention. This might seem unfair to some of you, but I just couldn’t take the risks. There have been way too many fly by night products that start out on some hype train only to be derailed by some bad news within months. One big advantage of taking a more cautious approach to what helps you train better is that there are no worries about any kind of outrageous prices. However, I still did make choices that I felt were fair in price, concerning what you get.

Since I am not able to have the kind of testing facilities in house that the real testers do, I don’t want to pick something for the best that is new, only to not have enough information about long-term use and make a bad pick. I value each and every one of you so much, that to make a bad call and put you all in any kind of risk for jeopardy is not something I can do.


For the best, I would have to say that D-Anaoxn would be my top pick, overall. If you aren’t looking to buy a whole bunch of stuff and want to start small, this is the way to go. This product is one of the easiest ways to pack on some extra muscle instead of the way you do it right now. I also really liked something called HGH-X2, great if you are someone who tosses and turns at night. Beyond that, the HGH-X2 was awesome for adding on some pounds without having to walk around with a full stomach all day, gross!

Note: Please do not go into the world of legally using steroid-like products without knowing the basics. You need to know what you will expect, in terms of the changes that will be taking place. The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science has a great page to cover a wide range of questions you might have, right here.

For the worst, I had to pick the Star Testosterone Booster. This one is commonly available at a certain bigger store and for me it didn’t work at all. For me, it felt like it could have been anything in there, because it really didn’t feel like it did anything. For something that is supposed to give you all of these crazy results and add a certain amount of muscle, it sure fell real flat, real fast. I would avoid this one, at all costs, should you be tempted to get it. The price is very inexpensive but with this one, you kind of pay for what you get. One last note, if you see anything that wants you to fill out your info before even seeing the price, run! Things like these are really bad and can sneak charges onto whatever you checkout with, stay away from those!