Why Bad Recovery is Hurting Your Progress

When taking into account the amount of time that we spend working on ourselves, it’s easy to get discouraged. Day in and day out we perform her exercises to the best of our ability, for some they don’t often see the fruits of their labor. Understanding the frustration, I wanted to take a closer look into the crucial window of time that happens after you work out, what to do and said window, and how to make sure that you are making the most out of every recovery session.

If you aren’t aware, when you exercise you were actually breaking down your muscles and not building them up like someone have you believe. When it is time to call a workout quits and you feel that you need to recover, your muscles are actually all ripped up any time to heal and regrow. Many will simply make a meal that is thrown together, eat it and think that they are post workout nutrition experts, which isn’t true.

You have to go beyond just what you eat after a workout to truly understand creating a set of rules that will make every post workout window and effective one. When I would be forced to work out in the hot Texas heat, during the summer, one method I found for being able to fully recover was weird but work very effectively. Being that I was just about to sweat out every single drop of this liquid in my body, the southern he was getting the best of me.

What I would do to combat just how overheated I would feel after working out was to start with cold showers. Showering under cold water is great for calling you off after an intense workout session but be warned it isn’t for the faint of heart. Jumping into a cold shower is not the safest thing that you can do and it will really give your body quite the jolt, I don’t recommend that you should necessarily start jumping through hoops to try and take an icy cold shower.

If you do you visit the store, there are certain products that you can use to help alleviate your pain. One, in particular is a cream that is known to go from cold temperatures the hot temperatures. Only trying this product before, due to the result of a dare between a couple of my idiot friends, taking this product up and getting to use it for what it was originally intended for is awesome. Sometimes, you can’t just shut off that critical window of time when the weights of all been put up. Fitness isn’t a quick way to get anything accomplished, we all know that it is a process. As is another process, recovery time is something that should be truly valued and not wasted. Remember, that although we do put our bodies to strange heights, all for looking stronger, we are still inside something that is sensitive. If you never give yourself time to recover and grow, you will be stronger but you won’t look much bigger.


If you stop and think about it, those who do not take the time to heal are walking around (and overtraining) muscles that already ripped to shreds, how dumb is that? Disregard what your tough guy friends tell you, those idiots will learn that their way of lifting everyday for the same groups will end up having them sore for a long time.

Taking Push-Ups to New Heights

For many ages, the push-up has been seen as a fundamental way to build strength. Being that it is an exercise that almost anyone can perform, and any location, at any time, it stands to reason that push-ups have long been a king of that home exercises. The argument on how effective push-ups alone will be at building muscle is always up for debate. What is not up for debate would be the different styles of push-ups you can do, in order to attain more strength.

One kind of variation of push-up that has been heard in many locker rooms is the one-handed push-up. I have to admit, I’ve never been very good at doing push-ups with only one hand, I see it more as a way to brag and not a functional way to build strength. Remember, even though you may look good doing one arm push-ups, you’re really only building strength on one side of your body, which can set you up for a lot of strength imbalances later on. To make things even harder, there is also a push-up that is done by using only one finger.

This I would have to chalk up to stupidity, why would anyone want to put all of their weight and have it supported by one finger? I like to keep my fingers in working order and not snapped in half, so you’ll have to excuse me if I opt out of one finger push-ups. Concentrating more on actual push-ups that can be applied in order to give you more strength we will have to look at the clapping push up. This could sound like a kind of dance but don’t worry won’t be needing to cut a rug anytime soon, the clapping push-up is used when you do a normal push up but clap midair, in between push-ups.

It may sound silly and it may draw some funny looks but clapping push-ups are great for building explosive strength. Having strength that is explosive is key for being able to push heavy amounts of weight that normally would have your arms shaking and struggling. By activating fast twitch muscles, through the use of clapping push-ups, this is strength that can be applied to almost any kind of strength training you may use.

The next kind of push-ups that you can do to help you break away from the traditional stances that we’ve all grown accustomed to would be doing push-ups on platforms. For this kind of exercise, you’ll need to have two good size platforms, both being raised. By doing push-ups on an elevated surface, hence the platforms, it allows your body to do push-ups at a different angle which utilizes new muscle fibers that aren’t always being used. Remember, we want to recruit as many muscle fibers and groups as possible, so that we can have a better likelihood of growing.

You can’t say that you will ever run out of options for doing push ups. On the contrary, there are so many different variations that this old school exercise should be attempted. No, you won’t be getting the same feeling from a push up that you will get from curling but what would it hurt to spend five extra minutes on a twist in your regimen. After all, they always say that changing up a boring exercise routine does wonders for breathing new life into how you look!

Indications You’re Getting an Overabundance of Protein

You have to know by now that protein is crucial to having a good physique. It is absolutely possible to end up getting more protein than is good for you. Although your body requires that you get protein, from whichever source is possible for you. Most will never have to be concerned with getting too much of this meat derivative, simply because normal appetites couldn’t cause that much of a need for protein. When you are exercising, your body will ramp up how hungry it is. You could be thinking that it even the thought of consuming food during a workout sounds disgusting. The magic truly begins once you are finished working out, you have now been sending your body into fat burning mode. When your body has a reaction to exercise, it can really start playing games on your stomach.

No matter what time of day I go and lift, I am always ready for a big meal within about an hour, it never fails. If you ever heard of something called comfort food, you understand that this kind of food just makes you feel good. I used to think that food making you happy was a big myth, until I stuck with a diet that deprived me of those very same comforting foods! Most of the foods that we like to eat are naturally going to be tasty, while not being great for our diet.

It takes only a little science to understand that when we consume junk food, our brainfood for thought releases a chemical that is known to help promote happiness. When sticking to food sources that are high in protein and lower on the sweet side, we stop releasing as much of that happiness chemical. If you are midway through your cutting diet, loading your plate with salads and lean meat, the lack of serotonin is responsible for why you might have been a little bit on edge lately! Now, to take things to a bit more of a gross level, eating a bunch of protein doesn’t just play games with your stomach, it can also make your breath disgusting. No, you won’t be having everyone hide from you at lunch because of the way the food you eat smells, it actually changes your breath!

With the holiday season just around the corner, remember what I’ve told you when it comes times to load up that second plate of food. Next time you think about loading up on extra turkey, be sure to throw some stuffing in there (good carbohydrates) to give your holiday plate more balance. Provided that you staying within dietary guidelines, the amount of protein that you eat shouldn’t be any cause for alarm. It is only when we are talking about bodybuilders, whose look depends on high quantities of strictly meat.

As our bodies must use extra energy to process the byproducts of too much meat, it can cause sharp pains to develop. Should you be under the impression that you making your kidneys do more than what they should, this is a big red flag to take it easy on the meat that you eat. Hunger will, of course, follow any strenuous weightlifting, it is your duty to make sure that when that hunger calls, you will be ready to make smarter food choices. You don’t have to turn into a vegetarian or drastically cut back on the meat that you consume, just be sure to remember how important restraint truly is.

Mass Building Breakfast like a Bodybuilder

I have just learned about an awesome timesaver for all of you that don’t have time during the week to cook breakfast every morning. I just found out about this from a friend who thought that it was a hoax, so he tried it for himself and it worked! You’ll need eggs for this, as well as English muffins, cheese and bacon are completely optional but encouraged. Anyways, all you need to do is place the bottom part of the muffin into a baking dish, repeat for as many muffins as you have. I suggest that you at least have enough ingredients to prepare seven of these sandwiches, leaving you with a nice healthier breakfast every day of the week. You will also need to have a muffin dish with the little compartments handy to cook your sandwiches.

Starting out, line each muffin dish with the bottom part of the sandwich, a cracked egg, cheese and a piece of uncooked bacon. Word to the wise, this will look nasty but that is how it should appear, go ahead and place it all together anyway. After you end the quick preparation, go ahead and place the top of the muffin on each compartment and you are good to go. Set the oven for 350 degrees and put those bad boys in there for about twenty to thirty minutes. Once they are done, you’ll need to get them into a freezer, as soon as possible. What makes these sandwiches awesome is that now you’ll just need to put them in the microwave for a minute or two and you’ve got a homemade breakfast to enjoy on the go. For those who are more concerned with carbs and could find themselves in the middle of a diet, I’ve got you covered because that’s just how cool I am. If you still want to eat your eggs but can’t have bread or cheese, I’ll explain a really cool way to hard boil eggs in massive quantities. For anyone reading this website that thinks they can never have a way to get enough protein or calories everyday, prepare to have your mind blown. Did you know that just by placing eggs in a muffin dish and cooking them for 350 and thirty minutes that you have hard boiled eggs? I promise you that this actually works because I have tested it and was stunned, I find that I now cook the eggs every week, what an easy time saver. Combine your newly incorporated eggs with some weight training and you’ll be sure to start growing massively!

Sun Damage Potential Increases with Certain Steroids

If you are hiding yourself from the harmful rays, brought on by our sun, you are really doing yourself a service. I don’t want to be as pale as I often am, leaving me with no choice but to hop in a sunbed, doing anything to avoid the natural sun. The steroid that will mainly be associated with harm in the sun would be one used for skin irritation. I would still be on the safe side if you’re on any other kind of steroid treatment while getting more sun than you need. What many bodybuilders will choose to do is use sunless products to get that darker appearance. Perhaps, the sunless choice is due to less interaction potential with steroids.

Remember, seeing someone who is tanned doesn’t mean that they aren’t on gear, it just means they may have a sneaky way to hide it. Predisone is the most likely culprit of adverse reactions, that doesnt mean it won’t be the only one. We are made up of various possibilities to undergo many different outcomes that aren’t desitable. What occurs when getting too much exposure to the sun will, of course, be a sunburn. What isn’t as well known would be the severity of the burn.

Combining a steroid with prolonged sun exposure can give you a burning feeling that can range from slightly bothersome to full blown agony. Increased sensitivity to sunlight can happen. Even indfoor tanners can be afflicted by this condition. Of course, I would advise you, if you are currently on some form of steroid to be safe and stay out of the sun. Now, I know that following advice isn’t the easiest, when it doesn’t agree with the life you choose to life. Staying out of those harmful rays is not only going to protect you from overly sensitive skin, it will keep you out of harm’s way. I’ve had to used steroids that were made for skin issues. I remember only applying a small dime size amount to the skin on my face daily.

One fateful day, I had forgotten about my daily application of the cortizone and went straight to the beach. I had fallen asleep, after a hard session of some beach volleyball with friends. I had lived close to the beach, after they decided to pack it up and go home, I was only getting started with my day. I had been very self conscious about my new skin problem, so I never told anyone that I was using a kind of steroid, in order to repair the red skin I had, big mistake. Maybe if I had confided in someone about my problem, they could have told me how dumb of an idea it was to sit out in the sun with the ointment on my face. I woke up from my worn out nap and right away I knew that my skin felt hot, not in a got some sun way but rather a oh no something is terribly wrong way. I ended up in extreme pain for just a small affected area, a visit to urgent care and an antibiotic later and I was as good as new. When I had initially told the staff about why I was seeking treatment, they were all too quick to tell me about the dangers of using a steroid and then following up with a light afternoon of tanning.

Agmatine Brings Insane Strength and Pumps

Once upon a very long time ago, we were all talking about arginine. Said to be great for putting up bigger numbers, it wasn’t long until we thought we saw the new king of strength builders. Times change, as do minds, and with that came new ingredients being added to our supplements. What we do here is to talk about supplements that aren’t going to cause personal harm to you. I loved arginine, at first, until it seemed like I had started to build up a slight tolerance to it. You could say that this could have been the

agmatine information
Known for more defined muscles, you’re missing out if you aren’t taking this.

actual product I was using, not just the arginine within it. I had the thought that I could have just gotten a garbage supplement, so I tried a couple more. Sure enough, everything that contained arginine would have my veins popping out like crazy, as well as immense leaps in my own strength. However, as time would go by, the same law of diminishing returns would strike and it would hit hard.

I could go from breaking personal records one month, to losing about twenty pounds in most of my lifts the next. To say it drove me up a wall would be the understatement of the decade. I thought that I had developed some sort of ailment that I had just found. Before I could go to make a thread on a forum, seeing if I was the only person this was happening to, I was met with a flood of the same exact problems! If you’re reading this, you don’t want to be bothered by a false prophet of the past, you want the tidbits of what is working now, I’ve got just the ingredient that you need to be using. Known as agmatine, only sounding similar to arginine in name, this component of many supplements is the real deal. You can find agmatine made by many different supplement creators. I don’t have an exact recommendation over which brand to use, think of it this way, if there is a company you already prefer, they most likely have their own agmatine formulation.

Now that you know where to find, here is what you can expect, after using this great alternative to the junky steroids out there. I will usually take my agmatine about thirty minutes, prior to working out, which gives a good enough window of time to let the ingredients get to where they need to be. During your workout, take a moment and look at where you have the least amounts of fat. From there, what you should start seeing is your veins expanding with a denseness to your muscles. If you’ve got a really good BMI, expect to see even more veins, it gives a very good appearance of being ripped. The other aspect of lifting, one in which agmatine knocks a home run out of the ballpark is the pump aspect. For those unaware, the pump is a kind of slang term for being able to lift more, I believe it comes from the phrase, pumping iron, another term for weightlifting. Agmatine should only be used on days that you plan on exercising but you shouldn’t run into any harm by using it on off days. As you will know, when trying out agmatine, you don’t need nasty steroids to have real muscle growth that anyone would be jealous of.